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Coaching for Adults

Do adults have ADHD? Absolutely. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, symptoms of Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder are present in childhood and often persist into adulthood.


ADHD in adults can show up as distractibility, disorganization (in some areas, but not in others), restlessness, emotional dysregulation, or procrastination. 

If left untreated, individuals may experience depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses related to the neurological disorder. 

Does ADHD Coaching work? Yes. Research has shown that ADHD coaching leads to improvements in ADHD and executive functioning symptoms, as well as improved client well-being, self-efficacy, and self-esteem.

What You Get out of Coaching



A key component to ADHD awareness is mindfulness and our ability to be present and in the moment. A consistent mindfulness habit, which can look like meditating, walks in nature, or journaling, benefits our mental and physical well-being. Together we will explore ways that you can bring more mindfulness techniques into your life. 


Goal Setting

The coaching relationship between client and coach is a collaborative experience. As your coach, I will help you to identify and refine your goals, with an eye set on realistic and achievable timeframes in different areas of  your life. 



Individuals with ADHD often struggle with organization, time management, and coping with overwhelm. As your coach, I will guide you in identifying strategies that work for you, based on your unique brain wiring. We'll also explore ways to reduce procrastination, distractibility, and impulsivity.  

Whether you have just been diagnosed or someone you care for has received the diagnosis, we will explore how ADHD impacts you specifically. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder affects everyone differently. We'll consider ways that ADHD affects you and your relationships, both at work and personally. Through education, we can begin to dismantle old narratives about who we are and make room for a new narrative. My work as a coach is to help clients identify their strengths and find ways to transfer these into other areas of their lives. 



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